2021 North Korea Construction Development Trend 2/4



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LH Land & Housing Research Institute’s North Korean Research Center publishes the ‘North Korea Construction and Development Trends’ four times a year (April, July, October and January) to identify trends in North Korea's construction infrastructure.
However, in the first quarter of 2021, as North Korea blocked its borders under the influence of covid-19, democratic shipbuilding was difficult to access, and only labor newspapers and Chosun Shinbo were analyzed and issued. Please refer to the work.

  -Q1 2021–

Chapter 1. Construction and Development Trends
1. Main contents of the 2020 national budget execution settlement and the 2021 national budget plan
2. Establishment and implementation of a preferential system to create an investment environment in the Economic Development Zone
3. Location selection of hot spring tourist spot
4. Evaluation Method for Green Architecture

Chapter 2. Construction and Development Trend Analysis
1. Infrastructure type analysis
2. Major construction and development trends by type
3. Distribution status by type of facilities by region

Chapter 3 Comprehension and Implications
1. Summary of major trends and implications
2. Summary and implications of trend analysis by type    

I. Survey Summary
Ⅱ. Q1 2021 North Korea's Construction and Development Trends