North Land Housing Reviews(2/5)



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The Land and Housing Review, published by the North Korea Research Center for Land and Housing, aims to be a forum for exchange of information and ideas for inter-Korean exchange cooperation, development of North Korea, and joint development of the Korean Peninsula, with participation from domestic and foreign experts related to inter-Korean economic cooperation and this is published twice a year(February and August).

1. The Appraisal and Prospects of the North Korean Five-year Economic Plan: Focusing on Infrastructure Development on the Korean Peninsula
2. North Korea's Nation Management Strategy from the 8th Party Rally
3. The implications of Developing Database in Rural Areas and Rural Development in North Korea

1. Current Status and Inter-Korean Cooperation of Mineral Resources and Supporting Infrastructure in North Korea
2. Review of National Land and Regional Development in North Korea(2016~2020)
3. Trend and Status of Construction and Infrastructure in North Korea, 2021